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emmanuel lewis. >> that not a program, dana. i watch it at home. you are watching it at home on pbs. >>> and you downloaded it illegally. didn't you, dana. >> she watched it on the few finder. >> and comedy is always shut out of the oscars. >> and that is it comedy really. >> it is it a best picture. >> i didn't see it. it looks depressing about a mentally deranged kid. >> if is not depressing. >> and he's telling you it is not depressing. >> andy is a walking brooklyn bridge. >> and that is it a trail. >> andy is not even boy polar. >> it is it an uplifting movie. >> it is it not funny and not the three stooges. there were funny momentings. >> and the trial're trail didn't indicate. it was somebody with a disorder. >> and that was the original title. >> get one of the people who are mentally ill to play that. >> that is it a good point. >> last time they did that was with shaun penn. >> and gary busey to play the pie polar. >> that is it a fantastic. >> and super ficial and toogood looking. >> the hiring of bradly cooper is sexist. it should have been matthews mcconaughey. >> it ca
added competence and incoherence and consistency. his testimony was so bad you had it panned on pbs. new york times "washington post". senator mckaskill in trying to defend him said weflz better at asking questions than answering them. he was a senator of some kind. we are asking him to be the department of defense to be the architect of our defense strategy. if he can't handle tough questions from senators how is he going to handle a crisis. i disagree with my colleague debbie dingell. the fact that he was incapable of answering them says a lot about his ability and capacity to do the job. >> i am unclear on what i theys the responsibility will be senator hagel should he pass these confirmation hearings and be confirmed as secretary of defense. he went on to say in these hours of testimony i think it was 8 in all. he said i won't be in a policy making position. then he went on to say it doesn't matter what i think. as secretary of defense if he is confirmed does he matter what he thinks? >> i agree he never thought his words possible parsed so much so. that's what we do to anybody who s
lanza, the monster who killed 20 children . and pbs is trying to find out why he did what he did and spotlighted the role his mother played. >> did you learn that nancy lanza had taken adam out of high school. >> yes. >> why do you think she took him out. >> i don't know, i pondered that for a long time. >> and you have a boy who was receiving a tremendous amount of support, suddenly, when she pulls him out of there, he loses all of those support groups and that's where he's fallen farther and farther into his proms. he didn't have the mental support group that he once had. >> bill: and john stossel, anchor, fox news channel. and this is the problem with adam lanza and people like him. there were warning signs, the teacher in the same school in newtown, they knew that he was a troubled kid, but his mother, for whatever reason, pulls him out of the school and then makes the situation worse, but in a free society his mother has a right to do whatever she wants to do. >> yes, and he was nowhere near the line where the state had any business to intervene. >> bill: he wasn't violent.
the democratic party, cnn, cbs, pbs, a few other outlets. i think it was really shocking that leon panetta testified that there were over 200 credible security threats for 9/11, right. he said it wasn't just benghazi. there were all these other possible threats. cairo embassy was on fire, being overrun. but not -- he said not only was no one scrambled to go to benghazi's rescue, no one was ready to be scrambled. there was no sufficient resources in the area for a thousand miles, panetta says. if you've got these warnings as dempsey said they knew about the cable that was sent to hillary clinton saying benghazi's not defensible. they knew about the 200 threats. why wasn't there a plane ready to be scrambled for an intervention in the first place? it's a very strange oversight that no one teams t seems to be particularly outraged. >> you heard panetta say you can't fly in f-16s and bomb the heck out of a place. you can use it psych ljl psychoy and fly it over the compound. they're very intimidating. >> no question. at the very least they could have been used to disperse the crowds. you hear
and of course i'll have the weekend. >> what is the weekend? (laughter) >> that was a clip from pbs's "downton abbey." british tv series that depicts the lives of an n aristocratic family and their servants and almost as popular as american idol is here and abroad. despite the fact that it makes rich people look good and not evil, stu varney says that's the opposite message of the one we have been getting from some of our elected leaders here at home. stu varney host of varney and company at the fox business network. you see a political message here and you're not the only one. many on the left particularly in great britain have been ripping the show suggesting the creator julian fellow hes is in their view conservative and to the right and more fair-minded people say he's a center right, not far right, but in any event they say -- they accused him of having an agenda of making the rich look good and that's why they hate "downton abbey" and you say what. >> what other tv show have you ever seen, a modern tv show, where the rich are made to look generous, honest, classy, and looking after peopl
he dances. >> gretchen: pbs ordered a four-week run with a movie set to premiere in the fall and air after "conan." will he have the baby? will the baby be part of his act? >> steve: that's what people love. looks like it will be him. >> brian: he'll be broadcasting in cable. meanwhile, the tooth fairy getting more nervous by the day. new going rate, generous, going right for baby teeth, it's not going to be easy. >> steve: and the president has been warning americans of the sequester for several scary weeks. >> a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester, but this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> steve: i tell you what, the guy who actually invented the sequester with some help from his colleagues on capitol hill say the president not being completely truthful. former senator phil gramm coming up next [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delic
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)